How to define that you are in a toxic relationship.

How to define that you are in a toxic relationship
How to define that you are in a toxic relationship

How to define that you are in a toxic relationship.

To start with the mentioned topics on how to define that you are in a toxic relationship, first of all, we have to define the definition of a toxic relationship. Or, on the other hand, it may ask what kind of a relationship we may call it toxic.

To be simple and straightforward; the relationship which cost us badly is normally mentioned or treated as a toxic relationship. Now come to the point how can you define it.

For those of you freaking out that your relationship might be toxic and ruining your breakfast every morning, here’s a handy little gray box to help you figure it out.

Not too much but I will figure it out only by using 3 steps, and here we go;

  1. You can’t imagine having a happy life without your relationship: 

A toxic relationship is a deal with the devil. You resign your identity and self-worth to this person or this thing. Oh, you are being surprised yet I’m just started!

Not only that but also in return; that relationship is supposed to offer the meaning and purpose for your life, that you so desperately crave.

But what you don’t realize is that by sacrificing your identity to one person or thing, the relationship generates more insecurity, not less.

It means someone or something being benefited by using you and your relationship what do respect more.

It envelopes your life, demanding all of your time and attention.  Also rendering all other meaning moots, all other relationships worthless.

If the thought of losing your relationship feels as not but what your life would be over;

Then you’re probably in a toxic relationship. 

And look, it’s not just only people who are toxic. There are many things rather that people can be toxic, such as;

  • Workplace as can be harmful.
  • Family members can be toxic.
  • Groups such as churches, political groups, self-help seminars, etc.—you can have a toxic relationship with all of them.

So it’s not an only matter related to individuals also another thing. I know it sounds to you a little bit surprising, but this is the reality and we all are somehow passing our living within it.

And, that’s why we all should find out these types of connection and immediately fix it out.

  1. The relationship harms other relationships in your life. 

Toxic relationships are flames that consume all of the oxygen from our hearts, suffocating the other relationships in our lives.

And, this type of unhealthy connection soon becomes the lens in which you view all other relationships in your life; this is very dangerous! I can’t even imagine it!

Not only that but also, nights out with friends are dominated by unloading the drama and baggage you’ve accumulated since you last saw them.

Furthermore, you find yourself unable to hold conversations that don’t relate to your relationship for more than a few minutes.

Consequently, compared to your toxic relationship, the world feels like a cold, bland, grey mess. You couldn’t even careless.

In case, you find yourself compulsively thinking just about your relationship. Even in places where it’s irrational or inappropriate; it may be at a basketball game.

Or, in the middle of a job interview, while calling your mother on a Wednesday; while listening to your kid’s shitty violin recital.

In fact, nothing else matters. Nothing else feels like it should matter.

It’s really horrible! Because it could make your life like hell. 

I’m not finished yet;

When enraptured in a toxic relationship, friends will find you selfish and unbearable. Family members will disapprove and then quietly distance themselves.

Some friends or family may try to help, telling you that your relationship is hurting you, but this will usually make things worse, not better.

Even, outside people’s attempts to intervene will only be interpreted as more drama to stoke the toxic fire.

  1. The more love you give, the more hurt and angry you become.

I’m pretty sure above the statement astonishing you; even it may little bit hart you but this is really unpalatable true. And as we all know that true always been bitter.

Because the drama is always calling the toxic relationship into question, the relationship demands all of your thought and energy.

But then the relationship only punishes you further for this thought and energy, enabling a downward spiral of shiftiness.

On the other hand, is to say this type of connection is black holes. They suck not only you in deeper and deeper, but also they have their own force of gravity.

Besides this, you couldn’t step any against this type of relationship. In the off chance, if you make any attempt to break away, it just stokes the drama flame further.

And, which then sucks you right back to where you began.

As a result, this type of connection makes a lot of emotional blackmail which may cost someone’s living extremely badly.

It all generates tons of unnecessary and negative thinking.

Now how all above this sounds to you! Shocking! Might be, I know.

Truly, it very shocking to know that the relationship which we think is healthy; it’s just unhealthy in nature. And we don’t even know it! It’s absolutely shocking news to us.

This relationship such a kind of relationship that’s often has a 50-50 choice, like; “if you do for me, or if you don’t.” And, this is the main sign of this type of relationship.

When you’re in them, you can’t wait to get away from them. But when you’re away from them, because you’ve lost your identity, you have no idea what to do without them.

To conclude, we all may live with-as a hole or a part of this kind of connection. And, this is the most appropriate moment too;

  • Find it out.
  • Throw it away from our lives. And,
  • Start living with enjoyable and healthy connections.

Happy relationship….happy living.

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