Sleep Music? Does it Work? Where to Find Sleep Music?


Sleep Music? Does it Work? Where to Find Sleep Music?


Sleeping at night has become tough for a lot of people, especially in this pandemic. As staying at home doesn’t kill much of the energy. However, this may lead to several issues, such as permanent or temporary insomnia, dark circles, inability to relate to many health factors. Are you facing problems like this? Don’t worry at all.

There are countless solutions such as ASMRs, working out, and many others. Nowadays, Sleep Music has become exceptionally popular. They help to meditate, get higher concentration and focus too. Overall, peak level relaxation is made.

There are many questions regarding sleep music! Firstly, do they work? If yes, how and why do they work? Where can you find the best sleep music? If you are having questions like this, then this write-up is definitely for you!

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Does Sleep Music Work?

If you think a bit about it, the most traditional medication to sleep has always been music. The lullabies our parents sang us were music anyway. Sleep music is one kind of lullaby but they are made in a way more researched way that can put us into a night of quite healthy sleep.

Various song materials relating to ASMR are always used in sleep music, which calms your mind and leads you to a significant relaxation period. It does not only forcibly put you into sleep but gradually will shorten the time that you take to fall asleep.

Very recent research decided to test how long it takes people to sleep with and without sleep music. The participants needed around half an hour to a bit more than one hour to sleep without music. However, with the help of it most succeeded within 15 minutes. It also enhanced their sleep quality and brightened their day.

Where to Find the Best Sleep Music?

There are countless ways to find the best sleep music there is. You can go for both paid and unpaid options. Both are recommended. Obviously, getting the paid option will give you a premium experience. The unpaid options I will mention are great too.

Technology has advanced and now we can get access to almost everything through software. Sleep music is accessible through software too. There are mobile applications that are specially designed for sleep music. They come with a user-friendly interface and an amazing collection of sleep music from all nations.

Let’s find them out

Relax Melodies

If you are looking for a user-friendly design with varieties from all nations then this is the option for you. The software provides amazing sound mixing facilities and sleeping exercises along with music.  

There is a free version of the app, however, breathing exercises and a variety of collections are not available in the free version.

A slight disadvantage is that the melody section is not as vast as all the other sections available. Other features of this app may include ASMR, binaural beats, and various types of isochronic tones.


This one gives you a premium experience with an incredibly large collection. The collection this app has is really unique and most of the other applications don’t have the collection of this application.

Exercises related to sleeping are available and you can also find popular music renditions as lullabies.

There is a drawback of this software and that is, the free version of this app has simply no facility and feature. The collection is limited too. So, if you choose to go for this then go for the premium one.


Although this is not an asleep music app, there are countless ASMRs, sleep music, breathing exercises, and many others in this one. Totally budget-friendly and you are going to get all the music you need for your daily life too.

The best factor about Spotify is the daily music they provide. It will be exactly of your taste. Definitely the best music recommendations you can get.

Although it is budget-friendly, you are not going to get the user interface and experience like the other sleep music apps. As this application is not designed for this.


This is another budget-friendly app with a minimum charge. However, it provides plenty of exercises, users, and all you need to have a decent sleep. The application is sublime, the user interface is admirable too.

Sadly, you will need to go for updates now and then to get the latest music.


Another premium experience app but the cost is slightly lower than Calm. The collection inside it is huge. Starting from dreamscapes, ASMR, and sleep music to breathing exercises, everything can be found

With the help of this app, you can totally get the comfort you seek, while you are planning to sleep. You can choose between male and female options too.

The user interface is not up to the mark and you will not get the chance to customize the tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to Stop Music If I Fall Asleep?

The applications come with a timer, so, you can just find out how long you need to fall asleep and then set the timer according to that. Going for Spotify will not help you with that by the way.

  1. Are Paid Apps Worth It?

It depends on your needs. To some people breathing exercises, customizable ASMR, and many others means a lot. Whereas to some, it doesn’t. So, if you are looking for the complete package then it is worth it.

  1. Can I Listen to it On Bluetooth Speakers?

Obviously, you can. Just turn on the Bluetooth and connect it to the Bluetooth speaker. You can also minimize the app and keep your phone locked while enjoying the experience.

Final Words

The sleeping issue is a common problem to many. Sleep music is an eternal solution and the tradition is being carried since the beginning of time. However, now the method is modernized but it is really effective. The apps we mentioned are highly rated and can give you an amazing experience.

So now that you know the features and benefits of the applications, why don’t you try it out?

Good luck!

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