Living Life With Updated Fashion Trends

Living Life With Updated Fashion Trends

2020 has been quite rough for the human race and it has brought a significant change in almost all factors. Fashion trends have had a significant change with few different styles of apparel and living life can get better following it.

Sticking to the trend to present yourself and staying updated is mostly the wisest thing to do to fit in the current world. It was a rough year for the textile industry too and coming up with a change in the fashion trends was the best thing to do. Hence, the textile fashion industry has come up with unique clothing styles and trendy apparel.

Living Life With Updated Fashion Trends

Pastel Toned Long Coats has been a trend amongst celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. It brings up an elegant and minimalistic vibe with its texture. The aesthetic it comes with is magnificent and on the other hand, the fabric these coats are made with is comfy. The texture is buttery and smooth and would suit the person in all types of weather, whether it is summer, spring, or even winter. A disadvantage of this trend is that it comes in bright colors and many of us prefer to wear dark colors most of the time, it won’t be a great fit for them. The clothes are really eye-catching and elegant at the same time. It is totally a perfect dressing choice for spring and summer.

Some popular companies Fabellley and Reserved, have a huge collection of designs related to pastel-toned coats. Mostly affordable and the fabric they’re made with are extremely comfortable too. If someone is looking for premium pastel-toned long coats, then Moncler of the United States can be a great choice to go for. A cherry on the top for these types of coats can be an elegant pastel-toned handbag for the ladies, in fact, many celebrities have been witnessed following that trend.

Sometimes going back is the right thing to do. Head Scarfs are giving the vibes of the 60s, jollying up the trend with retro culture. The scarfs come with dark colors, denim, and retro floral designs giving everyone the rock n’ roll vibes of the 60s. People often wear them on the head and sometimes the trend allows them to wear them on their neck too. Covering up the chin with a loose knot is definitely the best trend this spring has to offer. Wearing dark clothes as top and bottom would be a great amplification to the head scarfs and it is seen amongst celebrities to do that.

Some very premium headscarves are being provided by Isoken Enofe, their headscarves are affordable, comfy, have great design, and have amazing reviews by the customers. Ankara Fabric is being used by the company. A great fact about their headscarves is that they can be used as Turban and Bow Tie too. It is great apparel to wear during spring and summer to rescue yourselves from the heat and also fitting in with the trend.

Face Mask is an obvious trend in this unfortunate period of a pandemic. It is not only a fashion trend but also a trend of rescuing ourselves from this series of unfortunate events taking place. The facial mask was a great blessing for the textile industry last year where it was enduring a decline from all the other sides. Although plain black face masks are used by the most and are the trendiest people also tend to buy retro allover printed face masks nowadays. There are limitless designs available on the market suitable for people of various choices. Bangladesh is also importing a huge number of face masks to other countries.

Carrying a similar color handbag or wearing a similar colored pair of shoes can be a great addition to the choice. Going for a facial mask that is great in looks is obviously not the only concern but also going for something that is comfy, breathable and people can wear it for hours is the best choice to go for. Companies are offering silky and cotton masks right now that are great to wear during summer. With all the heat in countries like Bangladesh, it is tough to travel without wearing something comfy.

Oversized Jackets totally give you a fancy look with a bit of hipster vibe. It is an amazing choice for the youth of this generation to look official and follow the trend at the same time. Some popular colors with this wear are neutrals, charcoal, pastel colors, and powder blue. It is a great fashion trend amongst the ladies especially. This very trend also gives a retro vibe following the 80s musical bands and artists. Although the jackets give a retro vibe it is totally modern apparel to wear and the style is evergreen according to most of the people who are wearing it daily.

Just like oversized jackets, oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts have been a huge part of the trend recently. It is seen amongst the youth of this generation to follow this very trend of apparel. Although it is a little bit out-of-the-box fashion and obviously followed by the niche market, day by day, people are embracing this very style. Not because of the uniqueness but also because of the comfort people get from wearing loose wear. Sometimes not following the trend can form a new trend, it is a perfect example of that.

Chelsea Boots don’t only bring up a great retro vibe but on the other hand, it also is extremely comfortable to wear and gives a formal and informal vibe too. These boots are mostly made out of leather and come in various colors like chocolate, black, blue, and mild brown. These boots are a fantastic choice of footwear to wear during summer and spring. On the other hand, it also adds up a great heel height, so for people with height insecurities, it is an even better choice.


Preference totally plays a huge role in the choice of apparel but following the trend is another kind of smartness. The current trend is offering so many types of apparel and it obviously can bring a subliminal change in many people’s fashion sense. Living life gets more fun when you stay trendy.

The trends are inspired by fashion advisors and celebrities who follow the advice of fashion advisers. So most of the time following the trend can lead people to great apparel. Being cautious about how a person looks is very important nowadays to represent oneself. So, trying our best to stay updated with the trend is the best thing to do.

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Living Life With Updated Fashion Trends

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