How to Use Bluetooth Adapters for PC

How to Use Bluetooth Adapters for PC

So you’ve recently bought a Bluetooth adapter? It’s definite a great choice as with a good Bluetooth adapter connection of multiple devices is possible. It will definitely help you to get rid from all the tangled wires.

Countless Bluetooth adapters for PC is available in the stores right now and they are on demand. It’s because people prefer wireless devices over wired ones. It is very obvious, as wired products can be really of  painful at times.

For a new users of wireless devices it may be a bit hectic to connect a Bluetooth adapter to pc. It may be because of the installation of the drivers and many others. If you are facing the same issue, kindly follow my lead!

Setting Up a Bluetooth Adapter to PC

It is quite important to buy a good Bluetooth adapter for pc if you don’t want it to be hectic while setting up and the low quality Bluetooth device may need setup every now and then.

Sometimes when the Bluetooth adapter isn’t good enough, it becomes hectic for the users to find out the driver of the Bluetooth adapter from the internet. Without the drivers it is completely impossible to use a Bluetooth adapter

Going for a Bluetooth adapter that comes with a good warranty can be a good choice to go for. However, without further ado, let’s find out how you can setup your Bluetooth Adapter For Your PC:




Connecting it to the PC:

Some Bluetooth adapters come with accessories like a Compact Disc, which have the drivers of the Bluetooth driver. It is important to keep them safe, as you may need to install the driver again if the Compute Requires it.

Other than that you will be provided with the Bluetooth adapter, you can gently pull it out and connect it to your PC’s USB Slot. If you don’t  have any free USB slot in your pc, you can go for a hub or a docking station.

When it comes to USB 3 Bluetooth Adapters, you may need a USB-C port to connect the device. If you laptop don’t provide a USB-C Port, it’s wise to go for a converter.

Install the Drivers:

If you are using Windows 8 and Beyond and have stable internet connection then the computer will install the drivers by itself. However, if you don’t fulfill the requirements mentioned above then the case is different.

First thing you can do is, use the compact disc, if there is one. Connect your device to the PC and then insert the compact disc for installization. It is a 5 minute setup and after the setup, you will be good to go.

If there is no compact disc provided  or if your computer doesn’t have a CDROM then there is another choice. Visit the website of the manufacturer and you will find out the drivers available for free if it is a reputable company.

Download the drivers according to your PC’s system and install it.


Testing Out If it Works or Not

In order to test if the device works or not you will have to connect a Bluetooth device to the computer. It is really easy to create the connection, however, if you don’t know, walk with me:

  • Click On Start Menu
  • Go to the Settings
  • Click Bluetooth and Devices
  • Turn Bluetooth On
  • Select the Wireless Device
  • Press Connect


  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Why Choose Bluetooth Adapter over Wi-Fi?

Ans: Most audio devices need a Bluetooth adapter in order to create connection, so, even if you have a Wi-Fi adapter you are going to need a Bluetooth adapter in order to stream and connect headphones.

  1. Can You Set Security Key?

Ans: Yes! In all of the devices we have mentioned in our list it is possible to set a security key in order to have high safety.

  1. Can I Connect Xbox Controllers to PC with the Adapters?

Ans: With some of the adapters it is possible, they have been mentioned on the list. However, with most Bluetooth adapters it is not possible.



Final Verdict:

Setting up a Bluetooth adapter for PC at times might be a little hectic but when you know how to do it in the right way then it’s really easy. Now that you know multiple ways of using a Bluetooth Adapter for PC I guess it will not be any problem for you to use it now. However, still keep in mind about the stable Internet connection and operating system requirement

Anyway, Good Luck.

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