How to Setup a WiFi Card for PC


How to Setup a WiFi Card for PC

You recently bought a WiFi Card for PC? The use of the internet has escalated significantly over the last few years. Still, the most of PC users are not blessed with the built-in WiFI features just like the laptop users.

Owning a WiFI Card during situations like this can come of huge help. Your desktop can receive WiFi from a quiet distance. You will always have higher access to the internet and let’s just not talk about what a mess it makes to get the cable connection to the desktop.

However, too many computer users, it may be a bit difficult to setup the WiFi Card for PC. Are you going through the same issue? Don’t be embarrassed at all. Here is a complete guide to installing a WiFi Card for PC.


Setting Up a WiFI Card for PC                                                

There may be various complications while setting up a WiFI card for PC, especially for new users. For someone like me who has never opened a CPU casing, it was pretty tough in the beginning. I guess you are going through the same problem.

How to Setup a WiFi Card for PC

So without delaying any more let’s find out what to do:

Turn off and Disconnect Your computer

It is critically important for you to turn off and disconnect the computer before you open the casing. There are countless reasons for this and the top of all the reason is your safety.

On the other hand, there may be other issues like damage to the internal software and hardware if you carry on doing everything while keeping the computer plugged. So, turn off and unplug the computer.


Open The Casing

Yes, now it is high time for you to get the screw and get into the business. Gently open the screws of the casing in order to find out what actually is inside the casing. Let’s find out the secret!

You’ll see the motherboard and all the other hardware that make up a computer like a processor, RAM, and many others including different slots.  

Find Out the PCI-E Slot

Most of the time PCI slots are usually connected with the motherboard. They are thin slots mostly used for graphic storage and many others. For the WiFi card, you are also going to need one of the PCI-E Slots

Before pushing in the WiFI card it is important for you to remove the metal plate if there is any. Most CPU Casings provide a metal plate in order to protect the graphic storage and much other equipment that we put into the PCI-E Slots.


Install The WiFI Card to the PCI-E Slot

Now that you’ve found the PCI-E Slot you can insert the WiFi card. However, before that for a higher success rate, you can clean the dust with a dry handkerchief or a piece of cloth because the slot has not been used for a long time. There might be unwanted dust stored in it, which will completely disallow you from using the PCI-E Slot.

After you are done with the cleaning gently insert the WiFI Card for PC. Make sure it is attached properly and is not loose. After you are done with it, close the metal plate.


Close the Casing

Time to get the screwdrivers again! Just put the casing the way it was before and tightly put in the screws. Make sure it is not loose anymore and if it doesn’t fall off while you are doing any activity.

Advice is to clean what is inside the casing with a dry cloth as no one knows when you are again going to open the casing. So, this is a good time to do it.

Install the Drivers

Operating systems from Windows 8 and above will download and install the drivers automatically. However, if you are using an older Operating System then there is no problem at all!

The first choice to go for is the compact disc that came with the WiFI card to install the drivers. In case you don’t have CD ROM, you will have to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s side.

They are mostly free to download.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can PCI-E Slot be External?

Yes, there are many docking stations such as Thunderbolt 3, that come with PCI-E slots. However, they are a bit expensive, so, the decision entirely depends on your budget.

  1. WiFi Card or Wifi Adapter?

It totally depends on the user. Firstly, WiFi adapters are not as strong as the WiFi cards and the range is also not that high. However, those are portable and easy to set up. Most people tend to go for the WiFi Adapters instead.

  1. Can They Run on Any OS?

It entirely depends on the WiFi card you have bought! Some are great for Linux and some for Windows. Most iMacs nowadays come with a built-in WiFi and they don’t have any PCI-E slot.

Final Words

Sometimes it can be tough to setup a WiFi card and many confusions may arise. However, once you know the steps, it is actually quite easy. Opening the case of the computer after so long may also help you check the entire hardware system and how they are doing.  Now that you know how to setup a WiFI Card for PC, I bet it is not complicated anymore. So, why are you wasting your time? Get to work, my friend.

Also Wish You All the Best!


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