Home Hair Loss Medication for Men


Home Hair Loss Medication for Men

It was all alright and then all of a sudden your biggest nightmare came true. Hair Loss! Have you been losing hair extensively and all of a sudden it has become unstoppable? At times we are not ready to go to a doctor because of various reasons. Sticking to Hair Loss Medications that you can use from the house can help a lot.

Home Hair Loss Medications can be really effective and at the same time quite affordable too. Going for stress therapy and various medical treatments will cost you a lot. However, a lot of people have successfully stopped hair fall and are aiming for hair regrowth just by going for home remedies.


So are you planning to go for home remedies? Then walk with me


Hair Loss Medication for Men at Home

Giving your hair the nutrients they need is the key to this. On the other hand, it’s also important for you to maintain a proper diet and a healthy schedule to make the home remedies work to their fullest. Many people make the mistake of not going for a healthy way of living while taking home remedies, as a result, they don’t get the proper outcome.


At times the hair loss is totally genetic if you want to find that out you should check out if your hair balding is similar to the male pattern baldness or not. Hair regrowth from that can be really tough. From a natural process, it is not cured most of the time. As a result, you may need to go to a doctor. However, if your hair hasn’t been severely damaged yet then there obviously is hope by going for home-related hair loss medication for men.

So without delaying anymore, let’s find out the best hair remedies from home:


Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

Although people may say it may not work out but oil works out magically for most people. At least it moisturizes your hair properly. Starting from coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil, they are specially designed for hair by nature.

Extra-virgin olive oil is known as a natural remedy for hair regrowth. Advice any specialist will give you is to add a few hair oils adequately with an omega-3 capsule and then use it.

You don’t like hair oil? Massage can help a lot too. But doing Oil + Scalp massage can dynamically help you to improve your hair growth, regrowth and obviously thicken your hair too.


Adding the Juice of Onion

Have you already lost a lot of hair and now you are planning to regrow? It is quite possible with natural remedies. Studies say that onion juice can even cure alopecia areata, which is almost incurable without a hair transplant.

Applying onion juice properly to the scalp and other roots of the hair will help you not only regrow hair but also thicken your hair properly. Keeping it on hair for 15 minutes is ideal, you can keep it for longer.

Applying the onion juice with coconut oil is very effective too.


Applying Egg to Hair

Applying egg to hair without a doubt nourishes your hair perfectly. The egg has the nutrients most of the other cures from our list don’t. Applying egg throughout the hair and massaging the hair for 10 minutes will help a lot.

When you keep the egg in your hair for 30 minutes or more, it goes through your scalp and helps your hair to regrow.

It might be a bit smelly in the beginning but you will get used to it over time. It is my advice to continue this procedure for 2 months at least.   

Well Designed Diet

You have no idea how much negative impact a harmful diet can do if you follow it regularly. That’s why people say you are what you eat. Continuing this may also reduce the chance of hair regrowth for men.

So, it’s high time you start having the nutritions you need and obviously your hair needs. Having a proper diet will ensure that your immunity system is good, your blood flow is up to mark, and obviously brighten your day.

You must keep foods that are rich in iron, include omega 3  and meals that are high in protein. This may include salmon tuna, beef, green vegetables, grains, lentil, and obviously eggs!

Oh yes, I forgot to give you the best advice. Stay hydrated!



Final Words

Hair Fall can be managed easily through hair fall medication at home. It is not always necessary to see a doctor and in this period of the pandemic, it is not even a wise choice to go see a doctor.

Countless effective homemade remedies helped a lot of people to stop hair fall and also regrow their hair. Now that you know the hack of stopping hair fall why don’t you try it?

Home Hair Loss Medication for Men

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Planning to try home-related hair fall medication? You are on the right track! Following a proper diet along with home-related hair fall remedies will without a doubt help you gain what you want and need. Follow my guide!

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