5 Foods that Cause Hair Loss (How to avoid them? Their Alternatives)


Foods that Cause Hair Loss (How to avoid them? Their Alternatives)


You are what you eat! The diet you are following affects your health from all sides. It becomes really sensitive and scary when it’s about your hair. So it’s time you start eating healthy.

Hairfall from a bad diet can be eradicated and prevented easily. For that, you must avoid the food that causes hair loss. It’s very much possible that a slight change in your diet will stop your hair loss completely.

In many cases, it has been seen that hair loss has been happening only because of following a bad diet. So, it’s high time for you to prepare a fine diet and avoid the food that causes hair loss.

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Which Foods Cause Hair Loss?

There is a high chance that you are not aware of the food that is causing the hair loss. In most cases, it is the food you are addicted to, and getting rid of it completely can be a huge issue.

Although some of the food can be really helpful for your overall health, you must omit them in the meantime because you are having hair fall problems right now.

However, without further ado, let’s find out the food that causes hair loss:

Carbonated Drinks

Yeah, I know you can’t live without Coca-Cola after your amazing meal but do you know what it does to your body? Cocacola is responsive to increasing the sugar within your bloodstream. Having high sugar in the bloodstream will affect your overall blood circulation.

Unstable or imperfect blood circulation will always lead to hair problems. There are other disadvantages of having Coca-Cola too, starting from obesity to gas-related issues.

Carbonated Drinks will also lead you to loss of appetite, which will stop you from having the food you should have to get rid of the hair loss problem you are currently having.


Alcohol makes your body refrain from having the nourishment you need. When you don’t have adequate necessary nutrients, you will face various types of health issues starting from hair fall.

There are other problems led by alcohol too, such as loss of concentration, eye-sight problems, and obesity.

If you are facing hair loss, the first thing you should avoid is alcohol. If you are really used to taking alcohol, you should cut it down slowly but gradually get rid of it from your life.

Junk Food

Having junk food once in a while is fine but when it gets regular it may lead to alopecia. Getting rid of alopecia is going to take a lot of money and also hair transplantation. The disease is unstoppable and has a very minimum cure.

Having oily food all the time definitely makes your head and body oily and sort of greasy, which stops the hair from regrowing.

It’s definitely important that you should get used to having healthy food and avoid junk food completely. Junk food also causes obesity for most of the people who consume it regularly.

Exessive Sugar

Sugar is okay but having a high amount of sugar in everything will slow down insulin resistance. On the other hand lead to various problems such as diabetes, obesity, hair loss, and countless others.

One of the biggest reasons behind hair loss in both men and women is the high consumption of sugar.

Measuring the amount of sugar and controlling it can be tough at times but it is a must if you are planning to go for a hair regain process and eradicate hair loss.

High Amount of Carbohydrate

When people start having carbs in everything they face hair loss problems and obesity together. Replacing a bit of the carb with proteins can be done. Carbs such as plain bread are good but when you consume them too much and fulfill your want of protein it creates a problem.

Our body needs all types of nutrients but for now, you must consume good vitamins, protein, and fiber.

Foods You Can Replace Them With

Replacing the liquids such as carbonated drinks and alcohol with juice with low sugar without a doubt will help. Having healthy juice will in fact make your blood flow better and also help you regain hair. Don’t make your juice really sugary otherwise, it will backfire.

Junk food such as burgers, hotdogs, and more can be replaced with homemade burgers and hotdogs. Using the ideal amount of oil in the patty and the sausage will definitely help. There is a healthy version of every junk food you love!

Final Words

Hair fall is a major problem of this era. Maybe it is because of the weather, lack of physical activities and obviously diet! Having a well-designed diet will definitely help you to stop hair fall. However, at times we end up having food that causes hair fall, so, it’s important to find out the food that causes hair loss.

Now that you know what food causes your hair to fall, you must try to stop consuming them too much. It might not be easy in the beginning but over the period you will get used to a healthy diet. I really hope you can create a balanced diet with alternatives and good beneficial food for your hair and hair regrowth.

So what are you waiting for my friend? Get ready for hair fall prevention

Good Luck

Foods that Cause Hair Loss (How to avoid them? Their Alternatives)
Foods that Cause Hair Loss (How to avoid them? Their Alternatives)

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