Can You Sand Tires?


Can You Sand Tires?

Are you having trouble making your ride smoother and a bit faster than it is? This can happen because of the rust that gradually grows into the tires or  the type of tire you are using. Most of the rubber tires are not naturally suited for activities that require speed and smoothness. At scenarios like this there are countless steps you can take. Ideas like sanding the tires may arise. However, can you sand tires?  The answer is yes!

There are other options you can go for too like changing the tire type or getting brand new tires, you can also find good quality sand tires in the stores. Nevertheless, sanding the tires is without a doubt an economic and effective option for matters like this. So, let’s find out how you can do it.


How Can You Sand Tires?

Although there are a few drawbacks, sanding the tires for various occasions or an overall speed uplift might come handy at times. In order to sand tires you, the safest choice is to rely on sand blasters. They’re available on the tool shops and also the internet. There are few steps to follow in order to sand your tires, let’s find them out:


Remove the Tires From Your Car and Wash Them

You should never try sanding the tires with sand blaster when the tires are mounted to the car, this might lead to other side affects, such as unwanted marks in the body of the car. After that wash the rims and the outer portion properly, use soap if you can.


Insert the Right Materials Inside the Device

For thick rubbery and metal pieces mineral sands will work the best as it consists starolite. The material should eradicate the rust and the stiffness of the car easily. Be careful wiiht the amount of mineral sand you are inserting. For sensitive areas of the wheel, going for soda abrasive is the best choice.


Blast on the Surface

Now that you are ready with the material you may grab the suction gun and step on the pedal of the sandblaster. It’s important to put on protective gloves before you blast on the surface in order to prevent unwanted bruises and accidents. At first for demo you can check by sandblasting old tires in order to assure if it’s working or not. If it is working, sandblast the tire. Start with the rims then the outer portion.


This will without a doubt eradicate the rust, unwanted paints and residue from oxidation. Now that you have washed and sanded your car’s tires successfully, you may mount the tires back go for a ride smoother than ever!


Final Words

Sometimes when the tires get really stiff and the rust makes driving totally impossible, sanding the tires can be a great economic and effective solution. However, how can you sand tires? Using a sandblaster is a safe and efficient choice to go for, which will definitely not lead your car to unwanted wreckage. Now that you know the art of sanding tires, I hope you’re ready for a really smooth drive.

Drive Safe!


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Tired of the rusty tires and the stiffness while driving? Why don’t you sand tires? The art of sanding the tires has been mentioned in this article.


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