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Best Laptops For Artists

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While some artists still prefer traditional methods of creating art, most rely on their laptops for their livelihood.

The main advantages of a laptop designed for artists are it’s powerful enough to handle graphics programs and has high display resolutions for excellent color and images. You can get advanced editing capabilities to deliver high-quality work. Many laptop options also have touchscreen functions for freehand drawing using a stylus. 2-in-1 designs are also popular since you can transform your laptop into a tablet to draw easier.

When deciding on the best laptop for drawing, animation, or 3D modeling, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget. Are you on the go often and need a long battery life? Do you need an HDMI port to connect it to external screens? Do you use creative applications only accessible on Apple laptops? You will also want enough memory and storage for your applications and projects. Generally, at least 8 GB of RAM is best for light graphics work, at least 16 GB RAM for heavier work, and 256 GB is a good minimum for storage.

Best Laptops For Artists

When creating art from scratch, you want a laptop designed to support this purpose. This article will look at 10 of the best laptops for artists in the market today. Browse our top options below and weigh the pros and cons for a selection that best meets your needs and budget.

1. Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo’s Yoga 920 is one of the best laptops with a 4K ultra HD display, allowing you to draw with precision. It also has significant power and speed that makes it an all-around effective performing machine. This laptop has a sturdy structure supported by an aluminum chassis but is still lightweight at around 3 pounds. It also has good battery life, making it durable and portable.

The Yoga 920 is a 2-in-1 design. It has an 8th Generation i7 processor and a touchpad that responds well to multi-touch gestures. However, the keyboard has lower key travel and less optimal typing experience.


Good touchscreen display
Above average battery life
Includes a stylus
Sturdy and thin, portable design


Low keyboard performance with mini directional keys
Has a narrow range of ports
Speaker placement can cause muffled sounds

2. Lenovo Chromebook


If you want to stay under $400 and still have the best laptop for drawing and graphic design, the Lenovo Chromebook is a great choice. Compared to other budget Chromebooks, it has a long battery life and includes an HDMI port. It’s a 2-in-1 design and has a colorful IPS touch screen. However, with its low-resolution display, fine details can look a little pixelated.

The Chrome OS operating system is different from Windows and can take getting used to but still worth the switch. You can continue to access various art and graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Medibang Paint on Chrome OS.


Great value for budget-friendly price
Long battery life
Better-than-expected IPS screen
Has an SD slot for storage expansion
Includes HDMI port
Has a touchpad that glides and taps smoothly
Doesn’t overheat easily


Underwhelming performance
Low-resolution display
Not very durable, especially when dropped
Bad quality sound system
Keyboard isn’t backlit

3. MacBook Pro 16

Although pricier than others, MacBooks are a popular option for artists, especially because many creative programs are only available for the Apple interface. The MacBook Pro is known for being extremely fast, powerful, well-built, and glitch-free. It has a quality screen that provides high depth, high resolution, and beautiful colors. For these reasons, it is one of the best laptops for digital art.

This laptop can smoothly run heavy 3D applications with its i7 processor and AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or 5500M graphics. The MacBook Pro 16″ widescreen also facilitates the various tools and menus on drawing and animation software that take up most of the working space. It provides great screen real-estate while remaining slim and portable for its size.


Powerful and has a fast processor
Good display resolution
Wide screen great for productivity
Best built-in microphone and speaker
Runs silently even on heavy loads
Has great keyboard quality


Expensive compared to other brands
Does not include dongles or adaptors
There is no user-upgradable RAM and storage
Limited port selection
No touch screen, must purchase separate graphics table

4. MacBook Air 13.3

If you still want the speed and power of a MacBook but prefer a smaller screen, the MacBook Air is one of the best 13-inch laptops for digital art. The full HD monitor is bright and clear enough where the screen size poses fewer issues for artistic work. It is also one of the most affordable MacBooks on the market.

The MacBook Air has a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor and Intel Iris Plus Graphics, making it optimal for running art and animation applications. It also features a Retina display with True Tone technology that displays four million pixels for 48 percent more colors than average.


Sleek, portable, and lightweight design
Generally long battery life
Powerful and has a fast processor
Most affordable MacBook
Has great keyboard quality


Not suited for heavy workloads
Battery life not as well if you don’t use Apple’s apps
Limited port selection
No touch screen, must purchase separate graphics tablet

5. Dell XPS 15

Dell’s XPS 15 is considered one of the best touchscreen laptops for artists. This laptop provides great performance with drawing, 2D animation applications, and 3D modeling. It also offers optional discrete graphics, great for video editing.

The XPS 15 comes with three USB-C ports, including two with Thunderbolt 3 support. It also includes USB Type-A and HDMI adapters. This laptop features Alexa built-in and integrated Eye-safe display technology that reduces harmful blue light. The materials give this laptop a quality feel with a carbon fiber keyboard deck and an aluminum lid and chassis.


Great color accuracy at 100 percent Adobe RGB
Fast all-around performance
Multiple ports and HDMI adapters included
Bezel-less design on all four sides
User-upgradeable RAM and Storage
Uses durable Corning Gorilla Glass 6


Noisy fans when running at full power
Some users may find USB Type-C only an obstacle
No screen digitizer for pressure sensitivity or high precision reading for stylus pen

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