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Best 17 inch Laptop Under $500

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In today’s world of huge companies and corporate jobs galore, it is impossible to manage without a laptop of your own. Whether you are a freelancer, contracted employee, or a full-time employee with a company, your job will necessarily require you to have a laptop.

Most companies provide their employees with laptops, but what about the people that they do not provide with laptops? These are the freelancers and other non-full-time employees. They have to spend their own money on buying laptops for themselves and their work.

However, the professional sphere is just one of the fields where people need laptops. Laptops are also essential for students who have to type out assignments, theses, papers, etc.

Students need laptops for educational purposes, preferably one with a large screen so that it can accommodate all the tabs they require during their research for writing papers, etc.

There are also gamers and other individuals who require laptops for their personal use. They say, ‘the bigger, the better,’ right? Who wouldn’t want a laptop with a large screen?

Whether it’s for working professionals, gamers, students, or anyone else, having a laptop with a big screen can be very accommodating and comfortable to use.

However, at the same time, they can also be costly, due to the size and technicalities that go into building them. Not everyone has the means to buy such expensive laptops with useful features.

Here’s a list of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $. It is the guide you need when looking at buying a laptop, if you do not know much about laptops and need help selecting one under $500.

Best 17 inch Laptop Under $500

1. HP 17.3″ Notebook

Here is a laptop by HP, which has a large display of 17.3 inches, which is one of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $. With the large screen, there are also several brilliant features on the laptop, despite the relatively low price

This laptop is an excellent laptop for all kinds of use, including educational, professional, and a gaming laptop. However, it is best a gaming laptop, with great graphics and a fast processor that optimizes gameplay well.

There is a 5th Generation Intel Core i-35005U processor, which allows multitasking easily on the laptop. There is 6 GB RAM, which helps with fast processing.

Many a time, we have to use external hard discs to store files when we run out of storage space on our laptops. With the HP 17.3″ Notebook, you needn’t worry about this, as it comes with 1 TB of space on the hard drive.

Other attractive features of this laptop include a full-size backlit keyboard and multi-gesture mousepad. Read on to weigh the pros and cons of the HP 17.3” Notebook.

2. Dell Business Flagship Laptop

Here is another one of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $ in the market, the Dell Business Flagship laptop. It is a 17.3″ laptop and provides a broad and large screen display for the comfort of your eyes.

The wideness of the screen only ever works to your advantage because it allows you to keep multiple tabs open at a time. Even split-screening, if you require the same, works well on this laptop, since the large screen allows you to see both screens with equal ease and comfort.

This laptop is such that its outer design looks very stylish and modern. It has fantastic processing and also a great look and feel to it that makes you feel instantly comfortable using this laptop.

The Dell Business Flagship laptop uses a 6th Generation Intel Dual-core processor, which results in super-fast processing speed. Hence, this laptop can very efficiently multitask on a variety of applications and software without hitting any lags.

Adding to this, it also has a RAM of 12 GB, leading to a speedy performance with minimal problems relating to multitasking.

This Dell laptop has a storage space of 1 TB, which can accommodate hefty files as well. This is extremely helpful if you see yourself working with large files.

3. Asus VivoBook F705QA

The Asus VivoBook F705QA is a brilliant laptop under $500. The graphics of this laptop are amazing, as the laptop has a built-in and automatic contrast and sharpness correcting algorithm. This helps to show you pixel-perfect photographs and videos in their most realistic forms.

Adding to the aforementioned, this laptop comes equipped with the Asus Splendid visual optimization technology. Under this technology, the computer has four display modes.

You can select the one you want on your laptop according to the light available or how you desire your screen to look or both.

It has all the connectivity ports that you need, including all USB ports, CD drive, HDMI, etc. These are the reasons why we can say that the Asus Vivobook F705QA has excellent connectivity and display, aside from the fact that it has a 17.3″ screen.

This laptop has an AMD Quad-Core processor with 8 GB RAM. This accounts for the high speed and efficient working of the computer. It also has 1 TB of storage space, all these features of which help the processing and multitasking speeds of the computer.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 320

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320 is easily one of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $. It is an efficient laptop that has several features that will leave you in awe of it being less than $500.

This Lenovo laptop has a powerful Intel i5 Dual-Core processor, which is super-efficient in making the laptop run to the best of its abilities and beyond.

Adding to this intense processor, the IdeaPad 320 also has a large 8 GB RAM. Accompanied by the super-fast processing and RAM, this laptop also has a storage space of 1 TB, plus an additional 256 GB.

The display offers HD resolution with a pixel-clear resolution of 1600 x 900. The resolution of the display adds to the quality of graphics, where images and videos displayed on the screen seem lifelike and very realistic. In this way, the IdeaPad is a great laptop for gaming as well.

Other features of the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 include its durability and resistance to wear and tear, to ensure which it comes with a special coating of polish on it.

Many a time, laptops do not get enough ventilation and end up overheating. In a successful attempt to prevent this, there is a rubber provision on the bottom of this laptop.

5. Acer Aspire 5

Acer is an excellent laptop manufacturing company. Acer Aspire 5 is one of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $ that there is in the market in 2021. It has some incredible features and is hard to believe that it is in the range of $500.

First off, it has the latest generation, i.e., the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor, which makes for super-fast interchangeability between tasks on your computer. Adding to the same, it has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage space.

The display on this Acer laptop is to die for, with multiangular viewing as well as the visual reproduction on its screen. It has one of the most awe-inspiring displays on this list.

Other fantastic features on the Acer Aspire 5 include fingerprint unlocking of the laptop, has a backlit keyboard, and even accommodates the latest WiFi 6. It also only weighs 3.9 pounds and is the lightest laptop in the range into which we’re looking.

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