Bald Hair? Is it Cool? (Fashion Updated 2021)


Bald Hair? Is it Cool? (Fashion Updated 2021)


A lot of people fall into depression when they face immense and unavoidable hair loss. Bald hair is nothing to be ashamed of, after all, you can go for countless fashion styles even when you don’t have enough hair in your head.

Countless celebrities shave their hair to follow a good fashion. Many in fact prefer no hair over hair. Balding men can go for various types of hair cut too. Many may still prefer hair over shaved head, for them finding out which type of cut may suit them the most can help a lot.

The facial structure and appearance play a huge role in the haircut you are going to get during the period of balding. Shaving off all the hair actually helps out for the most. There definitely are fashion ideas that you can go for when you are bald.

It’s very easy and affordable too!

Staying Fashionable While Having Bald Hair

A bit of hair loss cannot stop you from staying updated with the latest fashion trends and help you to live to your fullest. You can obviously go for various ideas that may distract people from bald hair. Some bald hair tips and tricks may even enhance your usual appearance during you have hair.

To a lot of people maintaining a masculine body helps. A lot of masculine actors even prefer staying bald over having hair. There are high-paid actors like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Jason Statham, and obviously Vin Diesel. The entire fast and the furious protagonists like staying bald.

So, obviously maintaining proper fitness will give you the hope of staying fashionable even when you don’t have hair.

There are many other options you can go for too, let’s find them out:

Going for a Goatee

This is definitely a classic combo. Baldhead and goatee. Many actors also followed it including Bollywood and Hollywood. Bollywood’s Sanjay Dutt had followed this very fashion for a few years.

A goatee will obviously distract the people from your bald head and attract them with your subliminally classic facial hair choice. Actors like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham also went for the goatee.

The problem of having a goatee is the maintenance. You might need to go for a bit of facial hair cut almost every day. Although it totally depends on the amount of facial hair growth you have every day. However, it is totally manageable and you can see countless people having a goatee with a bald head.

The type of goatee you are planning to have is a question too. Many prefer to go for a full goatee, some prefer a short extended goatee and obviously, some people also prefer a short goatee. In my opinion, the full goatee suits maximum of the people. However, it totally depends on your facial structure and shape, the choice you will make.

Balding Men Haircuts

If you are not completely bald, you can go for various haircuts. Countless actors are going for various haircuts due to balding, including Leonardo Di Caprio.

Licked Back haircut is definitely a popular one amongst those who are facing tremendous hair fall all of a sudden. This makes your hair look even better at times. The hair cut makes your hairline extremely visible, makes it look classy, and distracts people from your hair loss.

You can go for a crew cut, which will reduce your hair fall too, as it allows you to keep your hair short. Other choices may include comb-over, Ivy League cut, and many others.

Shave it All

Shaving it all is the most masculine way to go for. Don’t care about your hair. You don’t need hair to look good after all. It is your confidence and that keeps you going. Focus on your personality and other aspects of life.

Many people find bald guys really attractive. It’s definitely a masculine style to go all bald. This idea has various advantages too. You will not need to maintain your hair anymore. And shaving your head a lot of times may help you for hair regrowth too if you get the essential nutrition.

Final Words

Going balled at times can be really tragic. However, this should not stop you from being confident and make you live any less. Bald hair is cool, cute and at times it is very masculine and handsome too. Many prefer bald hair more than full hair, you can be one of them too.

Don’t care too much about your hair, which will only make you lose even more of your hair. It is best to stay confident and going for the haircuts you can still have. On the other hand, a goatee is never a bad option eh?

Good Luck.

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You are facing bald hair problems? It may be because of genetic or various others. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you must not panic. There still are countless ways to stay fashionable. Be confident and follow our guide to living life to the fullest.

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Bald Hair? Is it Cool? (Fashion Updated 2021) 
Bald Hair? Is it Cool? (Fashion Updated 2021)

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