3 Foods That Cause Hair Fall


Foods That Cause Hair Fall

So you’ve tried out everything starting from therapies to hair medications and you still cannot stop hair fall? You must be panicking! My advice is to calm down and don’t panic. After all, panicking will only make it worse for you.

At times the actual mistake lies in the diet we are following. Yes, using the right conditioner, oil and shampoo aren’t enough. You must know about the food that causes hair fall.

People often see doctors, visit for mental therapy and use various types of home remedies and still cannot stop hair fall after doing so much. Yes, it is a genetic problem but with proper nutrients and care it can obviously be cured.

You must be thinking that you are eating the right food too. But it is not about eating the right food this time, it is about omitting the foods that cause hair fall.

Finding out the foods that cause hair fall

Consumption of certain food may affect your hair health and also your overall health. Sometimes, it is obesity that causes hair fall and many other problems in the body. The food to omit may help you in many other health-related issues too.

To a lot of people, a particular food might be good for your health, however, the same food can be bad for you. Therefore, you must find out what suits you the best when you are on a diet of hair loss and weight loss.

Many make the mistake of using various medications on hair for hair regrowth and stopping hair fall, that’s a big no! They do it when the remedies don’t work. Maybe the problem is in your diet.

So, let’s find out the food that causes hair to fall


This is the architect behind many destructions related to your body. Alcohol is a negative impact on keratin, which is the protein that helps us to grow proper hair. When you consume alcohol regularly your hair roots may get weaker and also your hair will get thinner. As a result, you will be having a higher amount of hair fall and no remedies are going to help you out when it is too late.

The imbalance in your everyday diet is also contributed by alcohol. As it is a thorn in the nutrition you are gathering every day to maintain good health and hair health.

There are countless other health issues contributed by alcohol starting from obesity to lack of focus. Enjoying alcohol once a month is fine but having it so regularly will totally downgrade your overall living experience.

If you are an alcoholic, there is nothing to be ashamed of. We all make mistakes, it’s just high time to cut it off your life slowly but gradually. Cutting it off will help you to have better mental, physical, and also hair health.

High Sugar Products

Insulin resistance hugely affects your overall health. It may lead you to diabetes, obesity, and countless others including hair loss. Obviously, you can consume sugar but not in a high amount. Consuming chocolates and sweets regularly can lead to serious hair loss.

A lot of us nowadays rely on carbs that come in high sugar such as pastries, cakes, and other bakery items. They are obviously not really healthy to consume every day. Occasionally, it is alright but when you add it to your everyday diet, it is no mystery that you are going to face hair fall.

It is also important that you omit Junk foods as they are filled with various fats, sugar and obviously increase the level of DHT in your hormones.

Omitting sugar-related food products will help you to live a life of better experience, keep you fit and also help you to stop hair fall.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are a big no when you are facing hair fall. They are the reason most people have a higher amount of sugar in the bloodstream than they should have. This decreases the overall blood circulation and handicaps you to get the nutrients you need to live daily.

Cutting off the carbonated drinks will not only help you to get rid of hair fall but if you have an obese body, it will also help you to reduce your weight. Replacing the carbonated drinks with items such as sugar-free smoothies and juice will help you to have better hair health.

Diet carbonated drinks aren’t any good. Although it says that they are sugar-free, they consume artificial sweeteners, which does the same job but makes it even worse for your overall body health.

Final Words

It becomes traumatic when you can’t stop hair fall even after trying so much. Although you have tried out stress management and conditioning your hair properly. Controlling your diet helps a lot too, which you should try out.

Sometimes the hack might not be consuming the food you should eat but not consuming the food you shouldn’t eat. Many foods cause hair fall.

Now that you know about them, I hope your hair fall will stop.

All the best!

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Having serious hair fall even after trying all you can? Wondering if it is genetic problem or not? Maybe it’s not! Maybe it’s because of your diet. Omit the foods that cause hair fall. Follow my guide to find out the secrets behind foods that cause hair fall.

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